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eConnect PDU Software Demo: 3 Key Features for Managing Power Efficiently

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Did you know you can test-drive CPI’s built-in eConnect® PDU software to experience all the capabilities of its rich, highly functional and user-friendly interface?

The eConnect Software Demo interface links to eConnect PDUs installed in CPI’s Research, Development and Training Facility in Georgetown, Texas. 

Watch this quick how-to video that shows key features of the browser-based software:

Alarm Threshold – Being able to set alarm thresholds is very important for customers to prevent overloads, shutdowns, hot spots and other unwanted events. Thresholds can be added to voltage, amperage, temperature and humidity values throughout the PDU. 

Cloning – Once a PDU has been fully configured, its settings can be copied to all other daisy-chained PDUs, thus saving setup time. This feature allows customers to copy at once the same PDU, Outlet and Environmental settings to any daisy-chained PDU, provided that the PDUs are the same. It assures accuracy of all settings and speeds up initial setup. 

Outlet Grouping – This feature can be used to monitor multiple outlets at a time. In a colocation environment, for instance, a certain number of outlets that belong to particular a customer can be  managed simultaneously. This grouping feature allows for a dual-corded server to be monitored, even though it may be plugged in two different PDUs. Grouping also allows for multiple outlets to be turned off at the same time. 

To find out which eConnect PDU is the best for your application, use our PDU Product Selector. If you're on a mobile device, you may use the eConnect PDU Selector Tool from CPI's Mobile App Suite.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 03/21/2014 09:26:16 AM

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