CPI’s New High-Density eConnect® PDUs Power up Your Cabinets for the Future | Chatsworth Products
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Power up Your Cabinets for the Future with CPI’s New High-Density eConnect PDUs

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eConnect PDUsAccording to the Cisco® Global Cloud Index’s study on data center virtualization and cloud computing, global data center IP traffic is expected to almost triple in the next five years.

This growing industrywide demand for high-performance computing and cloud computing require reliable power distribution units (PDUs) that can withstand high power loads.

“End-users are increasing cabinet density to make the best use of their data center infrastructure. Virtualization, cloud computing and high power computing are the biggest drivers for high-density PDUs,” explains Anderson Hungria, senior product manager of Power, Electronics and Software at CPI.

With this in mind, Chatsworth Products (CPI) expanded its eConnect® line of intelligent PDUs to include high-density units in 50A and 60A 208V that meet power loads of up to 17kW per PDU. High-density eConnect PDUs with six built-in circuit breakers are also the answer to customers predicting two- to three-year power growth.

Engineered to withstand the heat loads of any hot aisle environment, eConnect PDUs have the highest ambient temperature rating in the market (149°F/65°C). For this reason, they are an excellent power product for your aisle containment strategy, as they’re installed in the back of the cabinets behind hot air exhaust from equipment -- potentially the hottest part of every data center. 

So, when you’re optimizing airflow in your data center, also consider a PDU that will operate reliably and efficiently. Save time and make deploying equipment power even easier by using our helpful eConnect PDU Product Selector or go to our Product Configurator to order cabinets with eConnect PDUs already pre-installed.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 02/06/2014 12:31:55 PM

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