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OSHPD vs. Seismic Rated: Protecting Equipment in Seismic Areas

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Data centers located in seismic areas require special infrastructure to support and protect equipment. With so many products and seismic certifications in the market today, it is important to understand a few basic differences.  

For example, Chatsworth Products (CPI) offers a variety of products that hold the Office Statewide Health Planning & Development’s (OSHPD) preapproval of manufacturer's certification (OPM), so that the stringent installation and permit processes in seismic regions can be expedited. This is the case with the popular Two-Post Standard Rack.

CPI also offers a variety of seismic-rated products, such as the SeismicFrame® Two-Post Rack, that are reinforced to perform better under earthquake conditions, as they provide additional bracing. 

Seismic Frame Two-Post RackSeismicFrame® Two-Post Rack

Use CPI’s Seismic Frame Two-Post Rack when seismic design criteria specifies that equipment must remain operational when subject to earthquakes even though some small amount of repairable secondary physical damage may occur.

An earthquake can easily damage or destroy nonseismic racks and equipment that are not carefully braced. CPI’s Seismic Frame Two-Post Rack resists the swaying motion caused by earthquakes to reduce the amount of vibration transferred through the rack to equipment, making it less likely to be damaged during a seismic event, which means faster network recovery.

CPI’s Seismic Frame Rack is a robust, fully welded frame that provides strong equipment support in areas that have seismic activities. Other features include:

  • Independently seismic-tested and certified; meets industry-recognized Telcordia® Technologies Inc. GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Zone 4 requirements
  • 1,000 lb (453.6 kg) load rating for seismic areas
  • Two mounting-hole terminal block included for easy connection with the Telecommunications Grounding Busbar
  • Supports 19” EIA-310-D compliant rack-mount equipment

Two-Post Standard Rack with Integrated GroundingOSHPD-Preapproved Two-Post Standard Rack

The CPI Two-Post Standard Rack meets the requirements for California’s OSHPD, which governs health care construction, renovation and seismic safety of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. When products are OSHPD approved, it allows design engineers at all levels to specify solutions and know the product will meet the minimum requirements for structure, support and anchorage.

CPI Two-Post Rack with OSHPD preapproval guarantees that the supports and attachments to the building structure are properly addressed for seismic requirements. Features include:

  • 3”D (80 mm) or 6”D (150 mm) mounting channel
  • 1000 lb (453.6 kg) static load rating
  • Integrated grounding features
  • 19” EIA rack-mount width

When selecting infrastructure products for a data center in earthquake environments, it is crucial to get the most protection for the equipment. Choose racks that not only meet seismic requirements, but also provide exceptional quality and performance. 

To get more details on CPI’s Seismic Two-Post Rack, click here. To learn more about CPI’s Two-Post Rack, click here.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

Posted by Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist at 01/16/2017 12:04:17 PM

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