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Tech Tip: Breakers Tripping Because of Inadvertent Plugging In of Outlets?

December 08, 2017

eConnect Horizontal PDU - P5-5A1W1

Uptime is a concern for any data center owner. Generally, we consider very big incidents to be the cause of network availability or uptime issues. This isn’t always the case, especially in remote sites where communication between facilities teams and IT becomes more complex. 

When personnel brings in new equipment, is unsure or unaware of capability, and plugs that equipment into an unused outlet, there is an immediate risk of tripping the breaker, causing the network to go down. In this case, a very small event causes a very large consequence.

Consider Chatsworth Products (CPI) eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with outlet switching capability. eConnect Switched PDUs provide the data center manager, or the person listed as administrator, with the ability to remotely turn IT equipment on and off. When these outlets are kept in the off position, and any individual needs to have an outlet turned on, they must submit a work ticket. The administrator now has the ability to provision that particular outlet, has an understanding of what and who is accessing and can control that access. This greatly reduces the risk of inadvertent plugging in of outlets and more importantly, downtime.

Additional advantages:

  • Secure Array™ IP Consolidation – Allows the use of a single IP address for up to 32 connected PDUs 
  • High Temperature Rating – Designed to withstand ambient air temperatures up to 149°F (65°C) 
  • Preinstalled Option – Eases installation and deployment within cabinets 
  • Locking Outlets – Patented Click Secure Locking Outlets prevent accidental power loss 
  • Physical Security – Integrates with eConnect Electronic Access Control for physical security at the cabinet level

To learn more about eConnect PDUs, click here. You can also try our software demo to experience additional CPI PDU capabilities. 

Brittany Mangan, Digital Contect Specialist
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