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Ian Seaton Weighs in on The Future of Airflow Management

February 17, 2014

 Hostirian Cold Aisle Containment
recent article by Upsite Technologies asked well-known and respected industry professionals about the future of airflow management.

Ian Seaton, Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) Global Technology Consultant, was one of them. Here’s what he had to say:

"… The pace of adopting best practices in airflow management will increase and I suspect the bar on defining best practices will be raised as well. This intensity will be driven by several factors. As we see a trend of data center consolidation, we will see a higher percentage of data center space managed by specialized experts who understand the economic value of effective airflow management as well as how to execute it. In addition, we can expect a legislative impetus as more states and municipalities adopt the requirements of the latest ASHRAE 90.1. 

For example, California has been an early adopter and their Title 24 Energy Code now mandates airflow containment barriers in data centers. Finally, The Green Grid is developing tools to translate airflow management improvements into energy use savings. As it becomes easier for data center managers to demonstrate positive ROI, I suspect that will stimulate more activity in both new designs as well as upgrading existing critical facilities."

Seaton recently demonstrated how data center managers can get quicker and positive ROI in his latest white paper, “Extend the Life of Your Data Center.” A pioneer in Passive Cooling® Solutions, CPI is always looking ahead when it comes to optimal airflow management. 

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist 
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