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New Executive Order Highlights the Importance of Reliable Seismic Systems in Federal Buildings

February 17, 2016

A new executive order directs that new, renovated or leased federal buildings be designed, constructed and equipped with products that protect against earthquakes. The executive order creates the Federal Earthquake Risk Management Standard, which urges agencies constructing or updating federal buildings to build with earthquake-resistant designs that meet and go beyond the latest building codes. 

According to the document, each executive department and federal agency should seek to enhance resilience by reducing risk to the lives of building occupants and improving continued performance of essential functions. 

Further, it advises that new and existing buildings should exceed the minimum accepted standards devised in building codes such as the International Building Code (IBC), so that all federal buildings are able to perform their essential functions following future earthquakes. The new rules should be fully implemented by May 2. 

Highly effective telecommunications systems should be operational before, during and after a seismic activity. Government IT agencies can support this by providing the most secure infrastructure for network equipment, and the best way to protect critical computer and network equipment is with seismic-rated racks and cabinets. 

Seismic Protection Systems by Chatsworth Products (CPI) are reinforced to perform better under earthquake conditions, as they provide additional bracing required on earthquake zones. CPI’s seismic-rated products and services help protect critical equipment that cannot become inoperative: 

Z4-Series SeismicFrame Cabinet - Z4-11U-113C-C12P_RIGHT_RGB72.jpg Z4-Series SeismicFrame® Cabinet

  • In addition to being pre-approved by California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD), it is also certified to meet the latest Telcordia Technologies GR-63-CORE requirements. GR-63-CORE seismic testing includes a series of physical shaker table tests during which a loaded cabinet is placed through simulated earthquake conditions. Zone 4 testing includes the most severe test conditions.
  • With a market-leading load rating of 1500 lb, CPI’s Z4-Series SeismicFrame features an increased range of cabinet sizes to support deeper equipment and more unobstructed interior space along the sides for thermal and cable management accessories. 
  • A variety of seismic accessories are available to complement this solution, including floor anchorage, transport casters and cable managers.

 Seismic Frame® Two-Post Rack SeismicFrame Two-Post Rack

  • The welded, steel SeismicFrame Two-Post Rack resists the swaying motion caused by earthquakes, thus reducing the amount of vibration transferred through the rack to equipment. The equipment is less likely to be damaged during a seismic event, which means faster network recovery.
  • The rack features 1000 lb Seismic NEBS Zone 4 Load Rating
  • A variety of CPI seismic accessories are also available to complement this solution

Watch videos of CPI’s Z-4 SeismicFrame Cabinet and SeismicFrame Two-Post Rack undergo seismic testing.

Raissa Carey, eContent Specialist

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