CPI Order Tracker

Welcome to the Chatsworth Products' (CPI) Order Tracker. Enter the purchase order number of the order you want to track. You will receive a complete list of the products that are included in the order, a short product description, quantity, ship date, carrier used and links to track your shipment. If the “estimated ship date” is blank, your order is still in review.



CPI Site Location Legend

AS = Chatsworth, CA CH = Chatsworth, CA CL = Shenzhen, China GT = Georgetown, TX
HK = Calexico, CA HL = Grayslake, IL KH = Keystone Heights, FL  NB = New Bern, NC
RL = Fort Collins, CO AL= Staffordshire,England SW = Jiashan, China RR = Round Rock, TX
WC = Louisville, KY  Z-LH = Liberty Hill, TX    

Order and shipment status information is current as of the close of business previous business day.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please contact Chatsworth Products Customer Service at 800-834-4969.