BICSI & ANSI/TIA Secondary Bonding Busbars
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Secondary Bonding Busbar (SBB) provides a central bond attachment point for ICT systems located in the data room.

Hole patterns on Busbars accommodate two-hole lugs per the recommendation of ANSI/BICSI N3-20 and ANSI/TIA-607 standards. Insulators electrically isolate Busbars from the wall or other mounting surfaces, thereby controlling the current path.
  • Mounting brackets are manufactured from high-quality 300 series stainless steel with 3/8” (9.53 mm) diameter mounting holes spaced 5.75” (146.1 mm) apart
  • Busbars mount on the wall, floor or ceiling
  • Ships preassembled
  • Sold individually
  • UL Listed, File E236184, Category KDER (US), KDER7 (Canada)
  • Busbar assemblies with lug kits also available
  • Other configurations available on request 
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