Industrial Enclosure Accessories
To truly make the most of your Chatsworth Products Industrial Enclosure, CPI provides a variety of value-added accessories to complement its functionality and ease of use.
Sealing Accessories (7 Product Options)

RMR Enclosure XL Polyvent Protective Vent Kit provides ventilation and equalizes air pressure in the event of drastic temperature changes. Pressure equalization is essential to protect the enclosure seal from damage. Installation hardware included.

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Starting at $88.53 USD MSRP
ComSeal by Roxtec is a light-weight and efficient cable-sealing solution for industrial enclosures. The solutions are supplied as readymade kits, including adaptable sealing modules, which simplify planning, purchasing and installation. The seals can be attached to either the inside or the outside of an enclosure. This compensates for interfering equipment in cramped spaces and makes installation easy.
4 options
Starting at $183.28 USD MSRP
RG M63–gland seals by Roxtec, combine the traditional gland technique with unique technology for flexibility and adaptability. The result is a new generation of glands with improved capacity and functionality. RG M63 has a compact design that makes it well suited for small areas. It can seal between one to nine cables with diameters ranging from 0.138" to 1.280".
2 options
Starting at $157.70 USD MSRP

The RMR Enclosure Threaded Drain Plug Kit prevents accumulation of condensed water by allowing it to drain out the bottom of the enclosure. The drain plugs also vent air out of the enclosures, helping to equalize air pressure. 

1 option
Starting at $121.27 USD MSRP
When NEMA Type 12 and IP 55 protection ratings are not essential, Brush Cable Entry Grommet helps block some dust and particles from entering through cable access holes, while providing easier access to cables. Place grommets at the bottom openings for optimum protection.
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Starting at $199.81 USD MSRP
Replacement gland plates feature allows pre-existing wiring or equipment to be installed in the cabinet.
10 options
Starting at $143.25 USD MSRP
Snap-In Liquid Tight Grommet keeps liquids from leaking through cable openings.
1 option
Starting at $11.45 USD MSRP