Center Rail for Adjustable ServerRack
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CPI's ServerRack is available in three models: ServerFrame, Adjustable ServerRack and Adjustable Rails ServerRack. The ServerFrame features a fixed rail, while the adjustable versions provide adjustable depth mounting options.

A Center Rail can be added to the Adjustable ServerRack and QuadraRack® to provide an additional pair of mounting rails for rack-mount equipment. Made of durable steel and shipped with marked and numbered rack-mount spaces to simplify equipment installation, the Center Rail consists of one pair of 19W mounting rails with square-punched mounting holes. The adjustable depth gives you the ability to attach the rails at any point along the side of the rack as well. With a 1,000 lb (453.6 kg) equipment load bearing capacity when used as an independent pair of rails, rack load remains 2,000 lb (907.2 kg) when Center Rail is used as the front or rear pair of a four-point mounting solution versatile indeed. 51U, 96 (2400 mm), black, shipping weight 26 lb (11.8 kg).

Key Features and Benefits
  • Stability and strength of an enclosure in an open mounting system
  • Provides easy access to equipment and cabling
  • Quick assembly with one-piece top and bottom pan sets
  • Easy to bay together to create multi-frame configurations
  • Use with any CPI Cabling Section to manage cables
  • Equipment mounting locations are marked on the mounting channels 
  • Square-punched mounting holes allow you to change equipment mounting hardware to meet the requirements of rack-mount server and data storage equipment
  • Support large equipment on heavy-duty four-post fixed and sliding shelves
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