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Saf-T-Grip® Open Loop Series

Used to strap together free hanging computer cables for a tangle-free installation. Strap is held in place by a loop that adheres to one cable. Simply peel the hook and loop sides apart to remove strap.

Saf-T-Grip®  End Grommet Buckle Series

The buckle design provides extra strength for those harder to manage cables. Mounts cable along walls and backboards or wherever horizontal cable runs are required. Wrap this strap around cables and back through the nylon buckle. Pull snugly, cinching down the cable for secure fit.

Saf-T-Grip®    Center Grommet Buckle Series

The buckle design provides twice the holding strength of ordinary straps. Unique center grommet feature provides a sturdy fixture for attaching straps in any direction. Simply loop the strap around cables and back through the buckle. Secure cinch back and down for a secure hold.

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