Evolution® Combination Vertical Cable Manager
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CPI Evolution Cable Management is a dependable solution for managing high-density copper cabling on open CPI Rack Systems, delivering increased performance to match the demands of today’s data center applications.

Featuring easy-to-use doors with styling that complements the CPI family of cabinets, Evolution Vertical Cable Manager provides interior features to help maximize the capacity and utility of high-density vertical cable management. Evolution Vertical Cable Manager includes plastic T-shaped cable guides (fingers) with openings that align with each rack-mount unit (U) space on the rack. The rounded edges on the cable guides and the to of the manager protect cables as they enter and exit the interior storage space. On double-sided managers, the Mid-Section panels allow personalized placement of he Tool-Less & Adjustable Cable Distribution Spools and other cable management accessories to effectively route patch cords. The Movable Mid-Section Kits can also be positioned for a 50/50, 40/60 or 60/40 front/rear split of the internal cable management space to match cabling requirements.

Vertical managers are available in Single-Sided, Double-Sided and Combination configurations in five widths and three heights to match a variety of requirements. Combination managers have cable management fingers in the front and cable rings in the back.

Use accessory Fiber Segregation Kits to create a dedicated internal channel for fiber cabling or accessory Cable Lashing Bar Kits to anchor premise cables closer to the mid-sections to increase capacity. Contact CPI Technical Support for configuration assistance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Tool-Less & Adjustable Cable Distribution Spools provide slack management and strain relief for patch cords and jumper cables inside Evolution Vertical Cable Managers
  • Movable Mid-Section Kit for doublesided managers allows for increased flexibility in space utilization and reduces installation time from minutes to seconds
  • Door on vertical cable manager opens to the right or left with a single latch
  • T-shaped cable guide design resists deflection when loaded with cables
  • Rounded edges on the cable guides and at the top of the cable manager protect cables as they enter and exit the storage space
  • Rigid trough minimizes movement when installed on the end of a row of racks
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