Seismic Frame® Two-Post Rack
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CPI’s Seismic Frame® Two-Post Rack is designed specifically to support network equipment in areas with seismic activity. When earthquakes occur, equipment racks move back-and-forth with the building causing violent vibration through racks and equipment. An earthquake can easily damage or destroy non-seismic racks and equipment that are not carefully braced.

The welded, steel Seismic Frame Two-Post Rack resists the swaying motion caused by earthquakes to reduce the amount of vibration transferred through the rack to equipment and is less likely to be damaged during a seismic event, which means faster network recovery.

  • Welded, steel network equipment rack engineered specifically to protect equipment in areas with seismic activity
  • Independently seismic-tested and certified; meets industry-recognized Telcordia® Technologies, Inc.​ GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Zone 4 requirements
  • 1,000 lb (453.6 kg) load rating for seismic areas
  • Supports 19” EIA-310-D compliant rack-mount equipment like patch panels and network switches; 23” wide version also available
  • 19” wide rack fits within a 24” (610 mm) raised access floor tile
  • Available with #12-24 threaded or square-punched adjustable-depth equipment mounting rails
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