Oberon™ H-Plane™ Right-Angle Surface Mounts 1007
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Many Wi-Fi and Small Cell Access Point (AP) manufacturers recommend access points be mounted in a horizontal orientation for optimal wireless coverage. In locations where the access points are to be mounted on the wall, Oberon™ H-Plane™ Right-Angle Surface Mounts 1007 permits the access point to be mounted in the preferred horizontal orientation.

With the Oberon™ H-Plane™ Right-Angle Surface Mounts, the access point is partially recessed into the right-angle mount, exposing only the antenna face of the AP, providing for the ideal combination of aesthetics and wireless coverage. A locking plastic cover on the back secures and conceals cabling and connectivity, providing for a nicely finished installation.

The 1007-LPDOME/-LTDOME models have a plastic dome which conceals and secures the AP.

  • Oberon's most aesthetic right angle wall mount, conveniently mount APs on the wall
  • Enables AP to be mounted and secured in preferred horizontal orientation
  • Interchangeable trims available for all leading vendors' APs
  • Model 1007-LPDOME includes white ABS dome, the Model 1007-LTDOME includes a translucent polycarbonate dome, which permits visibility to the status LEDs. Both domes are virtually transparent to the wireless signal
  • Design: Right-angle mount for securing APs on walls. Designed to mount the AP in the preferred horizontal orientation
  • AP is partially recessed into mount, revealing only AP antenna face
  • AP can be secured using manufacturer's locking features
  • Construction: White ABS Plastic Right-Angle Wall Mount, 8 ga. White Powder Coated Aluminum Trim (Not included with -FPDOME/-LPDOME). White ABS Plastic UL94-5VA Dome (For -LPDOME Only). Translucent Frosted Polycarbonate UL94-5VA Dome (For -FPDOME Only). 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel T-Bar Bracket (For -FPDOME/-LPDOME Only). White Polypropylene Snap-Caps (For -FPDOME/-LPDOME Only). Black Polypropylene Snap-Caps (For -FPDOME/-LPDOME Only)
  • Size: 1007-XX: 14.3 x 5 x 14.2 in. (363.1 x 127 x 361.6 mm). 1007-LPDOME/-FPDOME: 14.3 x 7 x 14.2 in. (363.1 x 177.5 x 361.6 mm)
  • Inlcudes:
    • (1) Plastic Right-Angle Wall Mount (All models)
    • (1) Metal Trim Specific to Access Point (Not Included with -FPDOME/-LPDOME)
    • Access Point Attachment Hardware (Not Included with -FPDOME/-LPDOME)
    • (1) White ABS dome (Included with -LPDOME only)
    • (1) Translucent polycarbonate dome (Included with -FPDOME only)
    • (1) T-Bar Bracket (Included with -FPDOME/-LPDOME only)
    • (4) White and Black Snap-Caps and washers (Included with FPDOME/-LPDOME only)
    • (2) Keys for Lock
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