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ZetaFrame® Cabinet with Bonding, Power, and Cable Management Image

Our innovative system powers and protects your technology investment with its modular, holistic approach that effectively integrates cable, thermal and power management, environmental monitoring, and access control.
Standard Swing Gate Wall-Rack with Integrated Cable and Power Management Image

The Standard Swing Gate Wall Rack provides easy access to the rear of the equipment. The significant load capacity and easy assembly make it ideal for supporting patch panels and switches in any ICT environment.
QuadraRack® with Bonding, Power, and Cable Management Image

Cost-effective solution for supporting rack-mount network equipment. The QuadraRack® 4-Post Frame offers the strength and stability of a cabinet in an open mounting system, providing easy access for simplified installation and cabling along with unrestricted air flow for improved cooling and heat dissipation.
Standard Rack with Power and Cable Management Image

Use the Standard Rack with vertical and horizontal cable managers to support interconnect and network equipment in telecommunication rooms, equipment rooms and data centers.
CUBE-iT® Wall-Mount Cabinet with Integrated Power Solutions Image

Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) CUBE-iT® Wall-Mount Cabinet is a secure, highly functional and attractive solution for protecting information and communications technology (ICT) equipment inside and outside of the traditional telecommunications room. 

Oberon Solutions Guide Image

Secure. Aesthetic. Convenient.

You need enclosures and mounting solutions for wireless access points in a wide variety of environments. Oberon ensures every wireless installation is secure, easy to maintain, and matches your aesthetic.
Cable Management and Cable Pathway Brochure Image

Maximize Network Performance with Cabling Infrastructure Solutions from Chatsworth Products As your network gets faster, CPI will help you stay one step ahead.

Preparing your network to sustain high performance in a constantly changing environment begins with the structure that supports your network cabling and equipment. Organized, deliberate connections deliver signal performance and make it easier for technicians to troubleshoot issues and deploy new capabilities.
Chatsworth Products Overview Brochure Image

At Chatsworth Products (CPI), it is our mission to address today’s critical Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure and industrial enclosure needs with products and services that power and protect your ever-growing technology investment. As a trusted business partner, we are uniquely prepared to respond to your specific requirements with global availability and rapid product customization that will give you a competitive advantage.
Deploying Wi-Fi Infrastructure in Healthcare Environments Image

Explore special considerations for deploying Wi-Fi in healthcare facilities. Discussion includes ICRA compliance, endpoint security, architectural considerations, fire and smoke ratings, and IP67 Ceiling Enclosures.
Data Center Solutions Brochure Image

CPI’s cabinet ecosystem combines intelligent power distribution, remote power and environmental monitoring, access control and system optimization with integrated airflow management and enhanced cable management into one of the industry’s strongest cabinets.

This cabinet-level approach allows you to fully utilize each square foot of space— providing both a near-term payback and long-term capacity to grow. CPI’s data center cabinet supports equipment, cable management, airflow management, intelligent power distribution, environmental monitoring, physical security and system optimization—a powerful, yet simple concept.
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