Secure Wireless Equipment

Secure and protect next-generation and current cellular wireless equipment at macro sites, micro sites and in-building networks.

The next generation (5G) of digital cellular wireless networks have arrived. However, 5G is not just a speed upgrade. It is a fundamental change in network architecture, a shift to more software-defined networking, and designed not just for fast downstream data, but for much faster and higher capacity upstream data as well. 5G will enable more remote monitoring, device-to-device connections, enhanced reporting and automation.

It is also important to understand that 5G is not an operator-only upgrade. 5G will impact all physical networks, including enterprise-owned premise networks. If you are responsible for ensuring availability and speed of the network to business users, it is important to be aware of what 5G enables and how it may impact your network including necessary upgrades for network densification and to in-building cellular wireless systems.

Consider solutions that feature:

  • Verified environmental protection performance

  • Locking features to safeguard equipment

  • Aesthetic appeal and options to blend in public spaces

CPI infrastructure solutions for cellular wireless equipment, which also include Oberon AP mounts, are versatile and future-ready to handle your most pressing 5G application needs, as well as Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), 4G LTE, Distributed Radio System (DRS) and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) cellular wireless network projects. Together, these CPI solutions include a range of enclosures for indoor and outdoor use to secure and protect compute and switching, small cell radio nodes, power electronics and network connections.

Why Choose CPI?

CPI provides a total solution. We recognize that each project has specific requirements. We have a robust standard product offering that demonstrates a wide range of design and manufacturing capabilities. Our approach is to discover your requirements, then make recommendations based on your needs.

Take advantage of CPI’s presale consultative services and custom design and engineering capabilities. CPI Power Sales Engineers will help you develop a remote monitoring solution to optimize enclosure performance. CPI Application Engineers will modify product to meet site-specific requirements, unique configurations, kitting, special openings or venting, even original designs. The goal is to provide you a total solution that optimizes your site.
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