Directly from CPI’s Spiceworks Community: Cringeworthy Server Room Stories | Chatsworth Products
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Directly from CPI’s Spiceworks Community: Cringeworthy Server Room Stories

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CPI Product Designer LogoA main UPS being disconnected by a child who wanted to play video game. A server room with two of the doors opened to let air pass through because there is no air conditioning. Gardening equipment hung on the cable ladders and server racks.

Wait, there’s more. 

Visit (and follow) Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) new vendor page on Spiceworks, and read all the horrific, funny and wild tales from the IT community. Spiceworks is a digital community for IT professionals to network and share knowledge on the latest industry topics.

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Raissa Carey, Technical Writer

Posted by Raissa Carey, Technical Writer at 03/17/2017 09:02:15 AM

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