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Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 8: Remote Sensors

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Celebrate the holidays with CPI’s “The 12 Days of Christmas Solutions” for your data center. Each topic will feature a unique solution to meet your data center needs.  

On the 8th day of Christmas CPI Technical Support provided me ...

RIM-600Planning a trip home for the holidays? Don’t miss out on all of the holiday festivities because you can’t leave your data center. Travel with comfort knowing that you can continue to monitor your data center conditions with CPI’s Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM-600) Products. The RIM-600 remotely monitors, records and analyzes environmental conditions in your data center or equipment room.

Each RIM-600 Host or Node supports up to eight external sensors and will automatically poll up to 64 IP addresses using a scheduled network ping and port service test.  External sensors include:

  • Room temperature
  • Cabinet temperature
  • Presence of water
  • Humidity
  • Smoke
  • Power
  • Motion
  • Door open or closed
  • Normally Open/Normally Closed Dry Contact Bridge
  • 4-20 mA Bridge
  • Dual door sensor for cabinets
  • The RIM-600 also has three internal sensors; power, sound, and back-up battery. 

    CPI offers a pre-configured RIM-600 solution for easy ordering or customize a solution for your unique application with the RIM-600 Product Configurator. Lonnie Long, Technical Support Representative

    Posted by Lonnie Long, Technical Support Representative at 11/07/2016 08:19:36 AM

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