ZutaCore®: Waterless Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling for AI and HPC

AI and HPC have changed our world overnight – and no one is feeling the pressure more than the data centers tasked with providing the processing power needed to support their enormous workloads. That is why data centers and hyperscalers worldwide are doing everything possible to deploy the highest-performing GPUs and CPUs with higher server densification than ever before. They are under the gun to provide the sustained processing power that can handle the enormous AI workloads from this next-generation technology, and they need it now. 
ZutaCore® is paving the way for a zero-emission data industry with its next-generation liquid cooling technology that can cool the hottest processors with 100% heat reuse. Its HyperCool® technology – a direct-to-chip, waterless, direct liquid cooling solution – enables the highest sustained performance, server densification, and reduced power usage, which is critical for meeting the power demands of today’s HPC, AI, and ML workloads.
Using a highly efficient two-phase boiling and condensation process, HyperCool delivers a no water, no risk solution that moves large amounts of heat off the processors and away from servers, with zero disruption to the data center. The snap-on simplicity delivers scalability from one server to the entire data center, using the same global trusted partners and infrastructure.

The CPI-ZutaCore partnership establishes a collaborative platform for developing a leading-class integrated liquid cooling solution that provides stable environmental control for data centers to reduce energy consumption, water, waste, and carbon emissions.

To learn more, visit zutacore.com

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