Universal Cable Runway
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Our most popular cable runway is designed for value conscious customers. The Universal Cable Runway offers the industry standard features you’ve come to expect. With the runway supported every 5’ (1.5 m), maximum load with minimal deflection is 132 lb/ft (59.9 kg).

Key Features and Benefits
  • Made of 3/8” x 1-1/2” x .065” (9.53 mm x 38 mm x 1.65 mm) wall rectangular steel tubing
  • Cross members welded at 12” (300 mm) intervals 
  • Individually boxed to prevent scratches and damage
  • Standard length is 9’-11 1/2”/119.5” (3035 mm)
  • U.L. classified for suitability as an equipment grounding conductor (must remove paint from side stringers or use grounding strap)
  • Installation Best Practices includes Runway Elevation Kit


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