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Mount Wi-Fi and Small Cell APs on Walls with Oberon’s 1011 Series

April 22, 2021

Wi-Fi access point manufacturers generally recommend installing APs in a horizontal orientation for best coverage. Where the ceiling is not well-suited to adding components, or the overall space design calls for a different choice, there are times when it is necessary or desirable to mount Wi-Fi access points on walls. This is often the case in environments such as hotels and retail establishments or in large venues such as auditoriums, conference rooms, exhibit halls, or anywhere with open ceilings.

Oberon’s H-Plane™ right-angle wall brackets allow you to mount Wi-Fi access points on walls in the ideal horizontal orientation for optimized wireless performance. The 1011 Series, one of Oberon’s most popular AP mounting solutions, is suitable for all leading AP models. Mounting features are available for Aruba, Cisco, and Meraki APs, and a universal T-bar makes it easy to install other APs.

The 1011 is often placed in high-visibility areas, and is designed to complement the design of the space. This compact mount has a hinged, snap-down cover and sidewalls to help conceal cabling and can be placed directly over a data outlet. The attractive powder-coated steel finish suits a wide variety of environments. The 1011 comes in white (1011-00-WH) or black (1011-00-BK), and are paintable to suit the installation environment.

You can further conceal or customize the appearance of Wi-Fi APs with detachable Vanity Covers. The vanity cover is made from an ABS plastic which is transparent to wireless signals. Like the 1011 itself, Oberon’s vanity covers are paintable, allowing for complete customization of the color of the AP to match or complement interior color schemes. Painting the vanity cover does not void the AP manufacturer’s warranty.

For small cell installations, the 1011-LS right angle bracket mounts and secures up to four small cells from leading vendors in one location.

Looking for more ways to mount Wi-Fi access points on walls? The Solution Finder makes it easy. For more solutions to mount the AP horizontally on a wall, set your Mount Style to Right Angle Mount, or explore other wall mounting options.


1011-00-WH with Aruba AP



1011-00-BK with Cisco AP and vanity cover



1011-00-WH with Meraki AP




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