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Color Finish: A Minor Detail with Major Impact in the Telecom Room

December 11, 2019

“Pick a color, any color.” You’ll never hear me saying these words to a customer.

The color finish of telecommunications and server rooms’ infrastructure—that is, racks, cabinets, cable management and overhead pathway—has a major impact on the future of these spaces. In my many years of experience in working with colors and finishes, I’ve witnessed how careful design options and craftsmanship make a difference in the final TR project.

Why the focus on color finishes?

When planning a new design, it's important to work with consultants who are not only hired to ensure the technology systems will work and last a long time, but that can also help to ensure the installation looks professional and matches the branding of the end-user or customer. So, during product selection, it is helpful to identify which functionalities and features the customer needs. This is also the time to determine color finishes.

Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) Glacier White, for example, has made a positive impact among my customers and in the industry since its inception as a standard color many years ago. Glacier White is highly reflective and helps brighten narrow equipment rows, provides better visibility and reduces energy costs.

I have also worked with many organizations and institutions whose branding plays a big part in their aesthetic. CPI’s unequalled customization capability has enabled me to delight my customers by providing them with products featuring custom colors such as Navy Blue, Burnt Orange, Cardinal Red and Gold, Forest Green, as well as special logo applications for sports teams, global companies, universities and schools. The list goes on.

When selecting the color should come first

If the telecom or server room will be visible to the public or also used as a showroom, color selection should be a focus at the beginning of the installation.

Most telecom rooms have fire-rated plywood backboards that are painted with light-colored, fire-retardant paint. Unpainted backboards may look unfinished and even a little sloppy, so consider painting it if it’s not. This way, the infrastructure products will stand out no matter which color they have. It’s always good to remember that light colors are more reflective and portray a more pure and clean environment, while black and darker colors absorb light and convey formality and sophistication.

What about custom solutions?

Here at CPI, our customer-centric philosophy drives our manufacturing practice and capabilities. We make custom products look effortlessly made, even though it can be very challenging to add special features or colors, or sometimes practically redesign an entire product. 

It is important that our customers know we not only manufacture our own products, but that we have global manufacturing capability and presence. Having control over manufacturing is key to being able to offer custom solutions, as well as being able to control project milestones and delivery.

If you have ever seen one of our CPI Product Catalogs, then you’ll see it is packed with standard part numbers. What you may not know is that we have even more custom part numbers in our systems, thanks to customers who care about their projects and pay close attention to the way products need to perform and look. Having custom products and finishes will certainly promote an environment that is tailored to your needs, while encouraging cleanliness, and featuring a professional look.

If you have any custom design question, don’t hesitate—leave a comment below! To simply contact the CPI Tech Support team, dial 1-800-834-4969 in the U.S. and 1-818-739-3400 or use our live chat here on the website.

Posted by Sal Perez, CPI Regional Sales Manager at 12/11/2019 11:39:00 AM
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