Tech Tip: How to Avoid Accidental Network Disconnections

February 22, 2016

It happens to the best of us. You are hard at work, then realize you accidentally pulled out cables from your rack-mounted equipment. Or perhaps you are working on some upgrades or installing new equipment, and need to find a way to maintain the proper bend radius for your cabling.  

What to do?

Enter CPI’s Rack-Mounted Cable Strain Relief Bracket to the rescue. 

This bracket has been a longstanding and popular cable management product. It can be easily mounted at the height and depth you need in order to position straps where you need them. In addition, the bracket is:

  • Made of high-strength aluminum
  • Includes 10 flexible Saf-T-Grip® Cable Management Straps
  • Has reusable rivets that allow Saf-T-Grips to be added or removed as required

CPI offers a variety of cable management accessories for extra and optimized fiber or cable support and organization. 

When deploying a complete fiber or cable management system, also consider:

  • Adatapter Flange: Used to increase cable capacity of existing spools by retrofitting existing spools in order to double their capacity
  • Wall Cable Support Bracket: Used to support heavy cable runs, such as multiple-strand PBX cable, data cabling and coax along the wall
  • Finger Snap Cable Guides: to retrofit VCS and CCS cabling sections with plastic cable guides
  • Rack Radius Drop: Used for maintenance of cable bend radius and a smooth transition from horizontal cable run onto a rack

For more information on our cable management accessories, click here.

CJ Castillo, Technology Writer 

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