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Community Trusts CPI Industrial Enclosures to Protect Safety Equipment

November 13, 2018

Many businesses and government agencies are increasing their ability to monitor activities by installing equipment. This includes security cameras in outdoor locations where they are exposed to environmental conditions. The ability to protect sensitive electronic devices in these conditions could result in saving property—and even lives. The enclosures that house this equipment should be high quality, providing years of environmental protection.

Chatsworth Products (CPI) is trusted around the globe to help protect their technology investments. CPI's RMR® Industrial Enclosures are often selected for security installations because of their high-quality seals, and the customization CPI can provide to ensure the enclosure matches the equipment.

Why Cities Rely on RMR Industrial Enclosures to Protect Equipment—and People

The city of Lawrence, Massachusetts needed to install 110 street surveillance cameras in high-crime areas and busy intersections. The cameras will relay live images to monitoring screens at police headquarters, where the images will be recorded and archived.

CPI created a custom kit that includes a blue, NEMA Type 4 enclosure with pre-drilled cabling penetrations and pre-attached NPT fittings, and a pole-mounting kit. This CPI solution allowed the city to significantly improve installation efficiency by providing a factory configured solution and minimizing onsite modifications.

Custom Configuration to Meet Your Needs

CPI's RMR Industrial Enclosures are available in thousands of standard configurations and can be customized to meet specific needs. Customization is one of CPI's core strengths. Provisions for security equipment and electrical connections can be made before the enclosures leave the factory—reducing labor and installation time, and guaranteeing proper finish. 

Let CPI help keep your assets and citizens safe with exceptional quality, service and products. Learn more by visiting our product page or by contacting your local CPI sales representative.


Posted by Brittany Mangan, Digital Content Specialist, Photo Credit: Ryan Hutton at 11/13/2018 02:35:33 PM

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