November 2017 - New Online Estimator Delivers Personal Report of Savings from IP Consolidation

New Online Estimator Delivers Personal Report of Savings from IP Consolidation

 Intuitive Tool Provides Detailed Report of Dollars Saved using Secure Array™ over Traditional Network Deployments When Instrumenting Data Center Cabinets

Secure-Array-EstimatorAGOURA HILLS, Calif., Nov. 14, 2017 — Customers can now easily understand the cost savings of deploying Secure Array™ IP consolidation technology thanks to a new online estimator introduced by Chatsworth Products (CPI), the leader in data center infrastructure.

The cost of instrumenting cabinets in the data center can be significantly high because of the number of additional network ports and IP addresses needed to network sensors. Traditional networks typically require one connection for each PDU, environmental appliance and electronic access control system per cabinet.

Secure Array, an award-winning eConnect feature, reduces costs and decreases installation time by allowing customers to link up to 32 eConnect PDUs under a single IP address using standard Ethernet cables. Additional features include outlet grouping, data logging, threshold alarms and PDU cloning. Adding a second IP address provides failover capability, which allows functioning PDUs to continue communicating if a PDU in the array loses connectivity.

Because eConnect PDUs seamlessly integrate with environmental monitoring and eConnect Electronic Access Control (EAC), 16 cabinets can be fully instrumented using only two connections instead of traditional deployments that require up to four network connections per cabinet. The online estimator demonstrates this substantial cost benefit.

Based on entered information such as number of cabinets, cost of network port and types of appliances used, the Secure Array Savings Estimator tool creates a comparison report between Secure Array and traditional network deployments, as well as total savings in dollar amount. 

Additional information provided by the tool include:

  • Number of cabinets
  • Cost of each port
  • Number of connections needed
  • Cost of connections needed
  • Number of unused connections
  • Cost of unused connections

To learn more about the Secure Array Savings Estimator tool, click here. For more information about CPI’s eConnect product line, visit the product page.

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