February 2018 - Secure Equipment Inside or Outside the Telecommunications Room with Chatsworth Products’ Newly Redesigned CUBE-iT™ Wall-Mount Cabinet

The New, Sleek Wall-Mount Cabinet Provides Easy Access to Equipment and Retrofit Capability

 CUBE-iT Classroom Shot.gifAGOURA HILLS, Calif., Feb. 12, 2018—Chatsworth Products’ (CPI) announces enhancements in CUBE-iT Wall-Mount Cabinet—CPI’s wall-mount enclosure for securing and supporting information and communications technology (ICT) equipment.

CUBE-iT Wall-Mount Cabinet is a secure, highly functional three-part, swing-out enclosure that secures equipment while maintaining ease of access for serviceability. The cabinet now includes many design elements to enhance usability, security and aesthetics, all of which promote use in public areas.

Also broadening the cabinet’s applications is CUBE-iT’s increased UL® 2416 load rating of 300 lb, making it perfect to support heavier equipment.

For increased security, the rear section is only accessible via an internal latch inside the front door, while a low-decibel fan kit option provides quiet operation while keeping equipment cool. Additionally, the modern, sleek design now includes a tempered glass door option, providing an updated look with high-quality viewing panel.

Highlighting CPI’s expertise in cable management is a range of features that promote effective, proper cable management. Equipment Mounting Rails (included), rear panel and a host of optional accessories feature multiple tie points for securing cable slack. The rear panel now features removable access panels with a rectangular knockout—perfect for retrofit applications over existing equipment and cabling.

“With this latest generation of CUBE-iT Wall-Mount Cabinet, our mission is to expand upon CUBE-iT’s already impressive capabilities. We’ve realized improvements in a number of areas, broadening CUBE-iT’s application outside of the traditional telecommunications room and into conference rooms, office environments and the like,” says Duke Robertson, CPI’s Product Manager of Open Systems.

New Features include:

  • Increased security—Access to the cabinet is obtained via a single keyed lock. An internal latch provides access to the rear of the enclosure.
  • Easy access to equipment—Three-part, swing-out design enables easy access to the front and rear of equipment. The removable top and bottom sections of the rear panels and rectangular cable knockouts make it perfect for retrofit applications.
  • High load rating—The cabinet is UL 2416 listed for 300 lb (136 kg) capacity.
  • High airflow—A variety of fan kits provide cooling of active equipment in a wide range of applications and environments. A low-decibel fan kit option provides quiet operation in public spaces.
  • Multiple cable management options—Available Vertical Cabling Section, Vertical Lashing Brackets, and a 1U rack-mount shelf provide cable management and support solutions for virtually any application.

To learn more about CUBE-iT Wall-Mount Cabinet, click here.

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