Raised Floor Grommet
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Chatsworth Products (CPI) Raised Floor Grommet is designed to seal new or existing cable penetrations in data center raised floor environments. The split two-piece design allows for installation along the edge of a raised floor tile. This approach does not “capture” cables and allows for quick tile removal without disrupting your network.

Durable nylon brushes provide a seal around cables to reduce bypass airflow. The rectangular grommet includes a dual-layer of brush and integrated EPDM flexible membrane that provides a superior level of sealing effectiveness.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Split design allows easy addition around existing cables. Add cable openings to the edge of floor tiles for easy addition or removal of cables
  • Rectangular Raised Floor Grommet features EPDM membrane between two layers of nylon brushes that forms a superior seal around cable bundles
  • 4" Round Raised Floor Grommet offers smaller form-factor where space is limited
  • Durable sealing materials will not break, tear or deform from repeated use
  • Available as singles or in carton of 10
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