Side Panel with Grommets for ZetaFrame™ Cabinet
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Key Features and Benefits:
  • Includes: Side panel (two halves, solid or with grommets), set of keys
  • Two-piece design with top and bottom halves for easier handling
  • Tool-less removal, drop-in design with integrated locking spring latch secures the side panel to the cabinet frame
  • Features integral bonding, no bonding strap required
  • Side Panel with Grommets feature multiple grommet-sealed cable openings, allowing cables to enter the side of the cabinet while containing exhaust air within each cabinet
  • Side Panel with Grommets feature (8) cable openings per side, (4) per half-height panel, (1) per corner; Cable opening size without grommet is 4.5”W x 9”D (114 mm x 228 mm), sized for large power plugs
  • Grommets are plastic, snap-on and can be cut to pass cables
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