When outfitting your Chatsworth Products cabinet and enclosure system with the accessories that best suit your needs, it's important to plan for proper power management set-up. Not only will this ensure the safety of your installation, but it will help reduce clutter and allow more space for additional cabling and equipment accessories.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (7 Product Options)
Increase the on-battery runtime for UPS systems by adding additional external battery packs to the UPS. Each battery pack matches specific UPS models. Battery Packs use 2U or 3U of rack-mount space and should be placed adjacent to the supported UPS.
9 options
Starting at $1,290.30 USD MSRP
Provide remote monitoring, management and control of UPS through a network connection from a web browser.
6 options
Starting at $353.60 USD MSRP
Manually transfer critical load from UPS power to utility power to prevent power interruption when repairing or replacing the UPS. Two styles are available.
8 options
Starting at $464.10 USD MSRP
Rack-mount step down Transformer converts 240 VAC or 208 VAC input to 240 VAC, 208 VAC and 120 VAC output to power a mix of equipment.
4 options
Starting at $982.60 USD MSRP
Various mounting kit options for UPS, Extended Runtime Battery Packs and Isolation Transformer PDUs
7 options
Starting at $49.30 USD MSRP
Optional Receptacle panels on the rear of the units reduces installation costs and simplifies plugging in of compatible corded Rack Power distribution units.
2 options
Starting at $559.00 USD MSRP
Optional input cords with locking plugs makes the units plug and play. 
2 options
Starting at $595.00 USD MSRP