UPS Maintenance Bypass Distribution Modules
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Manually transfer critical load from UPS power to utility power to prevent power interruption when repairing or replacing the UPS. Two styles are available. For 1kVA to 3kVA UPS, a 1U rack-mount module provide surge protection on input power and a toggle switch for easy transition between utility and UPS power. For 5kVA to 10kVA UPS, choose from several modules that attach to the rear of battery packs and provide several higher power output options.

  • Power Distribution - Adds receptacles and bypass functionality with power distribution capability in one enclosure
  • Replace or service the UPS - while maintaining power to critical loads
  • Easy Installation - Both UPS and Utility power are connected with supplied cords
  • Simple to operate - LED Indicators verify availability of UPS and Utility sources prior to transfer of load
  • Surge protection on BDM1x models - loads are protected even when UPS is in bypass mode
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