Rack Radius Drop
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The Rack Radius Drop provides a transition from a horizontal cable run onto a rack, while maintaining the recommended bend radius. Cable bundles are held securely in place on the Rack Radius Drop by using the included Saf-T-Grip® Center Grommet Buckle Cable Management Straps.

Features and Benefits
  • Three styles are available:
    • 3” (80 mm) or 6” (150 mm) rack channels without vertical rack cabling sections use P/N 12392-X06, 3”(80 mm) or 12392-X09, 6”(150 mm)
    • Single sided vertical rack cabling managers use P/N 12393-X01
    • Double sided vertical rack cabling managers use P/N 12394-X01
  • Provides an organized method to transition from horizontal cable run onto the rack while maintaining bend radius; styles offered for use with or without vertical rack cabling sections
  • Provides 1-1/2” (38 mm) bend radius
  • Quick and easy slip-on installation onto rack channel
  • Sold individually
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