Adjustable ServerRack
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Adjustable ServerRack (ASR) provides a sturdy, cost-effective solution for supporting rack-mount network, computer server and data storage equipment in data centers, computer equipment rooms and other IT facilities. Features square-punched multi-mount style rails.


Key Features and Benefits


  • Stability and strength of an enclosure in an open mounting system
  • Provides easy access to equipment and cabling
  • Quick assembly with one-piece top and bottom pan sets
  • Easy to bay together to create multi-frame configurations
  • Use with any CPI Cabling Section to manage cables
  • Equipment mounting locations are marked on the mounting channels 
  • Square-punched mounting holes allow you to change equipment mounting hardware to meet the requirements of rack-mount server and data storage equipment
  • Supports up to 2000lb (907.2 kg)
  • UL Listed; File E227626; Category NWIN (US), NWIN7 (Canada) – Information Technology and Communications Equipment Cabinet, Enclosure and Rack
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