Outdoor Spaces
Enclosures that create secure, protected spaces for electronic or security equipment.

Some of the most critical network and automation applications are located in outdoor spaces. Wireless cellular network densification to support 5G speeds and applications; instrumentation and automation to monitor industrial infrastructures like water, waste water, oil and gas, power and public transportation systems; logistics and security monitoring; and new applications like roadside instrumentation to enable autonomous vehicles. CPI Enclosures offer a way to protect electronic equipment in outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Spaces.

For Wet Spaces:

Protect equipment outdoors, or other wet space, in an enclosure with a NEMA 4 or IP66 or higher environmental rating. Use CPI’s Floor-Mount RMR Enclosure, Freestanding RMR Enclosure, Wall-Mount RMR Enclosure, or Wireless Access Point Enclosure. An accessory vent or drain can be added to manage internal humidity and an accessory filter fan or air conditioner/heater can be added to manage internal temperature. Download the Extending the Network Into Nontraditional Spaces White Paper and Industrial Enclosures Brochure for more details.

Why Choose CPI?

CPI offers expertise in enclosure selection, thermal management and remote monitoring. CPI offers expertise in Enclosures are available in multiple sizes and designs with strong protection against particulate and liquid penetration that can attach to all types of building structures: floor, wall, columns, ceiling.

We recognize that each project has specific requirements. Our approach is to discover your requirements, then make recommendations based on your needs.

  • Our pre-sale services help determine requirements
  • We offer a wide range of compatible products to meet most needs
  • We modify and kit product to meet specific requirements
  • We offer free online tools to help you select and specify products
  • We will recommend a complete product solution

Contact CPI today and let one of our Technical Support Specialist specify a system for you.