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On Being Thankful for the Little Things

November 22, 2019

As many prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving next week (Don’t forget! Chatsworth Products [CPI] U.S. offices are closed Thurs. Nov. 28 and Fri. Nov. 29), it’s not uncommon to use the occasion to stop for a moment, take stock of what we have, and share with our family and friends those things we’re most thankful for.

Here at CPI, that no doubt means we’re thankful for you, our most loyal blog readers, customers and fans, but it also means BIG appreciation for the little things in our world that help you protect and power your technology investments.

So let's take a few moments, watch a few "home" videos from this past year and be thankful for the little things... yes, even those blink-and-you'll-miss-it but "don't forget to order a few extra!" CPI accessories that truly go the extra mile in making everything from our cable managers to our two-post racks and most innovative data center cabinets what they are today.

First up, CPI's Rotating Management Finger Kit, which connects to and can position anywhere from front to back along another handy CPI accessory, the Accessory Rod Assembly, both found on the award-winning Motive® Cable Manager. Watch the short video below for an idea of the value these accessories deliver.

A post shared by Chatsworth Products (CPI) (@chatsworthproducts) on

Next up, here's another super simple yet super effective Motive Cable Manager accessory that made a small cameo in the video above, but which you can see more detail of below, the Cable Bundle Swivel Kit, which also connects to the Accessory Rod Assembly and/or the Rotating Management Finger Kit to add flexibility to and enhance cable bundle support. Have a look:

Last but not least, one of CPI's most popular accessories to date, the Clik-Nut® Hardware Kit, which solves the fundamental installation issues with standard cage nuts by offering a patented design that eliminates the need for tools, resulting in easier and faster installation, all while maintaining load-bearing strength. Did we mention it reduces labor and installation time by at least 70%?! Have a look below for more details:

Pretty nifty, right? "Clik" here to grab a free sample!

No matter what your project needs might be, or what CPI product you're considering, there's a good chance there's an accompanying accessory to make the solution that much more effective. Of course, for a complete list of options and availability, be sure to browse our online product catalog or reach out to a CPI sales representative with any questions you might have. They're happy to help - even with the little things!

Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted by Jeff Cihocki, Content Manager at 11/22/2019 10:35:34 AM
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