Cologix, Inc.
Custom Solution, Better Seals Allow Colocation Provider to Improve Airflow and Optimize Cooling Efficiencies
When planning the design of any data center, Cologix must accommodate the unique attributes of each site, including the layout of the facility, cooling inefficiencies and the cost and quality of products.

For example, columns in the middle of the data center can make it difficult to install a standard containment system. In order to install a containment system, Cologix often requires a custom solution that works around the data center layout.

“CPI tailors custom products for us to meet our particular needs, using good quality, durable materials to create a solid end product,” stated Matt Spencer, Cologix Chief Technology Officer. “Other providers we were considering couldn’t provide customization and wouldn’t bend anything to meet the unique requirements.”

It was important to Cologix to improve cooling inefficiencies and limit the loss of airflow in the aisle containment solution in the Dallas data center, which in return creates savings that can be passed on to Cologix customers.

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