January 2018 - Chatsworth Products Awarded Additional Patents for Airflow Innovations

Patents Demonstrate CPI’s Commitment to Data Center Innovation and Design Excellence 

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Jan. 5, 2018 — Expert in airflow management and creator of Passive Cooling® technology, Chatsworth Products (CPI), announces the addition of several new patents to its long list of breakthrough, pioneering innovations in data center products.  

For more than 26 years, CPI has provided industry-leading IT infrastructure products that support and protect critical network equipment. This includes innovations for data center applications, such as ducted exhaust cabinets, aisle containment solutions, as well as other thermal products that enable companies to drastically reduce energy consumption. 

US Patent No. 9,801,309 covers the ducted exhaust cabinet with a telescoping Vertical Exhaust Duct that maintains a complete seal but is collapsible, so it can be easily shipped with and quickly installed on cabinets.

US Patent No. 9,795,060 covers a modular thermal isolation barrier for use in sealing gaps between panels of CPI’s Build to Spec Kit (BTS) Hot Aisle Containment. The bulb seal fits the edge of panels and seals gaps without the need for adhesives or mechanical fastening. BTS Kit integrates with perimeter cooling, provides immediate improved cooling efficiency and is compatible with economization methods. It is ideal for retrofit applications over a mix of cabinets, including cabinets of varying heights, widths and depths. 

US Patent No. 9,781,852 covers data center cabinets with panels that feature removable, rectangular knockouts with a split brush assembly to provide a sealed pass-through opening for cables. 

US Patent No. 9,814,159 covers the rail seal that attaches to the vertical equipment mounting rails in CPI’s data center cabinets. The seal engages with side panels, blocking airflow around the sides of rack-mount equipment, while allowing cables to pass through.

“Many of these features are paramount to achieving more efficient energy utilization, further demonstrating CPI’s pioneering spirit and expertise in airflow management solutions. The Vertical Exhaust Ducts in data center cabinets are a great example of this,” states Dennis VanLith CPI’s Sr. Director Global Product Management. 

CPI’s approach to airflow management in the data center—Passive Cooling—allows data center managers to maximize cooling efficiencies without the need for additional CRAC units, in-row air conditioners or liquid cooling solutions, thus generating data center energy savings of up to 40 percent.  

To learn more on how CPI Passive Cooling technology delivers energy efficiency, click here. For a complete list of CPI’s patented products and solutions, click here.

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