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To truly make the most of your Chatsworth Products Cabinet System Solution, CPI provides a variety of value-added accessories to complement its functionality and ease of use.
Hardware, Installation and Baying (7 Product Options)
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Caster Kits allow cabinets to be moved quickly and easily. When space is limited, cabinets can be placed against the wall when not in service. Casters allow for easy reconfiguration of space.

2 options
Starting at $333.27 USD MSRP

Clik-Nut® Hardware Kit can be used anywhere along the rack panel surface when mounting, removing or repositioning IT equipment. 

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18 options
Starting at $34.09 USD MSRP
For use on desktops or floor when not installed on a wall
1 option
Starting at $29.72 USD MSRP

5 mm Hex Ball Driver Tool, 12"L (300 mm), Each

1 option
Starting at $18.68 USD MSRP

Additional brackets used to support Raised Floor Enclosures from access floor support pedestals. Kit includes four brackets.

1 option
Starting at $108.07 USD MSRP

The Retractable Stabilizer Kit is a floor-level brace that provides anti-tip protection when heavy, slide-mounted equipment is extended in front of the cabinet. When not in use, the stabilizer can be retracted under the cabinet for unimpeded aisle space and improved cabinet appearance.

16 options
Starting at $357.87 USD MSRP

Square-Punched Hardware Kits; Several sizes available; M-6, 10-32, or 12-24; Package of 25

3 options
Starting at $45.68 USD MSRP