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PowerScope In-Line Meter adds local and remote current metering to basic and metered PDUs that do not have local meters or do not have network connections for remote monitoring. PowerScope In-Line Meter has a built-in Ethernet port that allows network-based monitoring of current use and will forward alarms as SNMP traps when user-defined current limits are met. Combine the unit with a basic or metered PDU, Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) software and CenterBridge KVM for real-time enterprise-wide IP-based power monitoring and server access. The unit also has a temperature and humidity sensor port for environmental monitoring and a serial port for direct setup, management and monitoring. Select models include local display that shows the amount of current being used by attached equipment, allowing you to measure current use and estimate remaining power on each circuit segment before adding additional equipment to the attached PDU.

Choose a PowerScope In-Line Meter that matches the voltage and current rating of the power connection and PDU. Single-input and dual-input, single-phase or three-phase horizontal rack-mount PowerScope In-Line Meters with various plug and connector combinations are available. Use models with local digital current meters for basic PDUs and models without local digital current meters for metered PDUs.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Add network-based current monitoring to existing basic and metered PDUs
  • In-line ammeters with NEMA, California Style or IEC style connectors
  • Select models available with a digital display to provide easy current monitoring
  • Integrates with Scalable Enterprise Management Application (SEMA) software providing real-time IP-based power monitoring across your entire enterprise
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