Optimize Site Utilization
Maximize capacity utilization by monitoring at the rack level.

To optimize your data center and enterprise computer rooms, you must monitor power and environmental at the rack-level. Collecting data at this level provides the granularity to visualize exactly where you are over utilizing or under utilizing space in order to maximize site capacity.  

If you are running out of power, consider monitoring at the rack level before adding additional capacity. Often, there is stranded capacity and underutilized equipment that can be retired or consolidated. Monitoring will help you identify these areas for improvement. See Reducing Cooling Cost also. Implementing airflow management will reduce cooling cost opening capacity for compute.

Simply stated, a rack-level remote monitoring solution turns measured data into visual, intuitive, actionable information. Actionable, because it is at the point of power consumption, where operators’ decisions can directly impact cost. You will quickly see any rack-level issue with power delivery or environmental conditions. You will also be able to quickly identify available rack space and power capacity. You will see trends that identify over utilized or underutilized equipment and propose solutions to optimize site capacity. You will automate reporting on key metrics for your organization and your tenants to demonstrate performance against service level agreements and the cost of operating specific stacks of equipment. 

Why Choose CPI?

Remote monitoring systems are not a new concept, but they are traditionally independent systems. This presents two challenges to organizations that want to extend monitoring to the rack level: first, incompatible solutions; second, the additional cost to network, program, and integrate multiple sub-systems.

CPI addresses both challenges directly. First, we integrate hardware components. Our intelligent eConnect PDUs support power monitoring and control, environmental monitoring and access control monitoring from the same hardware, the same firmware (software) and the same network interface. We also work with our DCIM partner to ensure easy configuration. Secondly, we build Secure Array® IP Consolidation into every eConnect® Power Distribution Unit (PDU), so you can use one network connection for up to 32 PDUs. That greatly reduces the number of network connections you need to support remote monitoring at the rack level, freeing network ports for production equipment. 

Your cost is reduced because you are using less hardware, less software and less networking. Your setup is easier because you do not have to qualify compatibility of hardware from multiple sub-systems or do complex setup to integrate with the DCIM software. 

CPI offers a complete solution that is designed to work as a complete system, integrating hardware components, simplifying networking and enabling smooth integration with DCIM software, which makes deployment, use and maintenance easier. Additionally, we recognize that each monitoring project is unique. So, CPI offers pre- and post-sale services to help operators understand how to optimize the system.  

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