Equipment Rooms
Cable management, remote monitoring and a complete line of infrastructure products.

Equipment Rooms are becoming increasingly complex, housing the physical connections for a wide range of critical low-voltage systems. These systems include not only the traditional communications equipment for phone, cellular and computer networks, but also security and monitoring, audio and video, access control, and smart building automation controls. 
Preparing your network to sustain high performance in a constantly changing environment begins with the structure that supports your network cabling and equipment. Organized, deliberate connections deliver signal performance and make it easier for technicians to troubleshoot issues and deploy new capabilities. CPI can help you build a high-speed network, upgrade a security/monitoring system, or upgrade an audiovisual system.

Optimize Your Rack Space:

CPI’s rack ecosystem solution speeds network upgrades, simplifies network connections and helps you remotely monitor conditions to maintain a high-speed network. It integrates rack, cable managers, rack busbar, and power distribution units (PDUs). View the video below and download the brochure for more details.

Equipment Rooms.


Organize Your Room:

CPI’s room-level structure connects, optimizes and protects your equipment. It includes seismic bracing for earthquakes, pathway solutions for network and power cables, and bonding solutions for telecommunications system grounding. Download the Cable Management White Paper to further explore how to maintain a high performing network.

Why Choose CPI?

CPI offers expertise in cable management and bonding, remote monitoring, and a complete line of infrastructure products for your equipment rooms including racks, cable managers, cable tray, intelligent PDUs, environmental monitoring, seismic bracing and bonding solutions.
We recognize that each project has specific requirements. Our approach is to discover your requirements, then make recommendations based on your needs.

  • CPI focuses on your needs
  • Our pre-sale services help determine requirements
  • We offer a wide range of compatible products to meet most needs
  • We modify and kit product to meet specific requirements
  • We offer a free online tools to help you select and specify products
  • We will recommend a complete product solution

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