Deploy High Performance Computing
Airflow management, power distribution and remote monitoring in high-density cabinets.

The use of high performance computing (HPC) is growing as more massively parallel processing applications are developed. HPC is used for computational finance, climate modeling, analytics, design and visualization, animation, academic research and supercomputing, security monitoring, medical imaging and machine learning for artificial intelligence. The reason is clear. The addition of graphics processing units (GPUs) to standard server computers deliver impressive performance multipliers delivering 15- to 40-times the processing power of basic computer processing units (CPU) replacing multiple CPU nodes for each GPU. 

The trade off is increased power density in the rack. HPC processors are power efficient, but each GPU adds additional power draw for each server. So, a rack of GPU-enabled HPC servers will typically draw more power than a rack of standard CPU-based servers and will also generate more heat. As a result, you must carefully consider thermal management and power distribution and monitoring in HPC racks. 

Why Choose CPI? 

Chatsworth Products (CPI) provides a total solution. We recognize that each project has specific requirements. We have a robust standard product offering that demonstrates a wide range of design and manufacturing capabilities including designs for heavy-duty cabinets that can be moved when fully populated and seismic cabinets that are enhanced to help resist damage from earthquakes. We have a proven expertise in airflow management and monitoring at the rack or device level, which is the best method for optimizing site conditions. Our approach is to discover your requirements, then make recommendations based on your needs.  

CPI will pre-install accessories per your direction, so cabinets include cable and thermal management and intelligent power distribution units (PDU). We assign a single, project-specific part number for easy ordering. We will customize cabinets if there are additional project-specific requirements. Our channel partners will assist with staging request and complex logistics. We’ve also developed a range of tool-less accessories to speed installation of equipment including Clik-Nut® Hardware and Snap-In Filler Panels. 

Contact CPI today and let one of our Technical Support Specialist specify a system for you.