Data Centers
Airflow management, remote monitoring and a complete line of infrastructure products.

Building and operating a data center today – regardless of whether the site is enterprise owned, a colocation/multi-tenant site, cloud hyperscale or edge – is more challenging than ever. Equipment continues to be more compact and powerful, and compute utilization varies widely with workload. The result is higher density footprints demanding a varied and wider range of power and cooling support.
To maximize capacity and minimize costs, you must take proactive steps to monitor conditions, tightly control airflow, and move equipment as necessary. Chatsworth Products (CPI) can help you realize – and capitalize on – unused capacity in your site.

Optimize Your Rack Space:

CPI’s cabinet ecosystem solution is the groundwork for you to successfully deploy high performance computing, reduce cooling costs, meet regulatory requirements and optimize site utilization. It includes cabinet (rack), power distribution, access control, environmental monitoring, and DCIM software. See how in the following video and download the Key Considerations for Remote Management and Operational Efficiency in Data Center Cabinets White Paper for more details.

Uptime utilization.

Organize Your Domain:

CPI’s room-level structure supports rapid deployment, high speed networking and co-location of enterprise assets. It includes seismic bracing for earthquakes, pathway solutions for network and power cables, containment solutions to isolate hot and cold air, cages to limit access to groups of cabinets in shared spaces, and bonding solutions for telecommunications system grounding. Download the brochure for details.

Why Choose CPI?

CPI offers expertise in airflow management and remote monitoring, and a complete line of infrastructure products for your computer rooms including racks, cabinets, containment, intelligent PDUs, DCIM software, cable tray, seismic bracing and bonding solutions.
We recognize that each project has specific requirements. Our approach is to discover your requirements, then make recommendations based on your needs.
  • Our pre- and post-sale services help determine requirements
  • We offer a wide range of compatible products to meet most needs
  • We modify and kit products to meet specific requirements
  • We offer free online tools to help you select and specify products
  • We will recommend a complete product solution