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CPI Announces New "Quick Ship" Program

January 16, 2024

We are excited to share important news about our reduced shipping lead times for our line of eConnect® Power Distribution Units (PDUs)!

To help customers complete their projects on schedule and meet their emergency demands, we have introduced a “Quick Ship” program. CPI will always maintain a stock of select high runner eConnect® configurations in inventory. The details of this program include: 

  • Lead time of 5 days or less after receipt of order 

  • Chosen configurations span across the most common input plug types and various functionality levels

The list of configurations that are a part of this program are the following:

Quickship SKU* Functionality Input Output
E1-2015-C Metered L6-30 (36) C13 + (6) C19
EA-3008-C Monitored IEC 60A 3P+E (30) C13 + (12) C19
EA-3013-C Monitored L21-20 (30) C13 + (6) C19 + (6) 5-20
EA-3014-C Monitored L21-30 (30) C13 + (6) C19 + (6) 5-20
EA-3015-C Monitored L6-30 (36) C13 + (6) C19
EA-3016-C Monitored L15-30 (36) C13 + (6) C19
EA-3019-C Monitored CS8365 (36) C13 + (6) C19
EA-3243-C Monitored L5-20 (12) 5-20
EA-6012-C Switched Pro L6-30 (18) C13 + (6) C19
EA-6026-C Switched Pro L21-30 (18) C13 + (6) C19 + (3)conv (5-20)
EA-6145-C Switched Pro IE 60A EP+E (24) C13 + (12) C19

These lead times represent standard orders for 30 units or below. Please contact CPI customer service to get lead times on specific projects you may have.

All other configurations are currently available to ship within 10 days of receipt of order.

Please note that CPI carries 1,000+ standard configurations within the eConnect portfolio. 

*CPI continually assesses the demand for each SKU and, as a result, these may be subject to change.


Posted by Maren Price, Content Marketing Manager at 1/16/2024 2:58:33 PM
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