Hyperscale Data Centers

To achieve mass scale in computing, hyperscale infrastructure must be designed for scalability, priced competitively, and guaranteed by a steady, robust, and responsive supply chain.

Hyperscale Infrastructure Solutions

From expert staff and services to flexible, lean manufacturing processes and product availability, CPI's ability to deliver hyperscale infrastructure solutions quickly and reliably is built on proven key elements for delivering success, time after time.

Capabilities You Can Rely On
  • Consultation and Communication
  • Rapid Engineering and Customization
  • Pre-Integration and Value-Added Service
  • Commitment to Quality and the Environment
  • Global Manufacturing, Logistics and Support

Built-to-Order, Built to Last: CPI’s Hyperscale Product Set

CPI provides a wide range of standard and custom-built products, including those designed to meet Open Compute Project™ (OCP) specification. These include:

 Server Racks and Cabinets Aisle Containment
  • Hot- or cold-aisle solutions with doors
  • Customizable containment floor and ceiling-supported solutions - expandable, free-standing structures to move racks in and out and support overhead cable tray and power busway
Power Distribution Cable Pathways Racks and Cable Management
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