Benefits of Open Frame Server Racks

November 24, 2015

When it comes to organizing and setting up equipment in a computer room or data center, it is important to make the best use of the space available. For this reason, open frame server racks are a great solution to help stay organized in a cost-effective manner. Here are five benefits of open frame server racks and why you should consider them for you equipment storage needs.

  1. Cost
    Open frame server racks are a cost-effective way to manage equipment, compared to enclosed racks. The cost of producing and shipping are less than those of closed cabinet or server racks.

  2. Quick installation
    Not having to worry about installing doors or side panels makes the installation of open server racks a much easier task.

  3. Airflow
    Enclosed racks can create an environment for heat to build up. Open frame server racks, on the other hand, allow for unrestricted airflow, preventing heat build-up.

  4. Easy access
    The open design allows for easy access to equipment and cabling.

  5. Better cable management
    It can be a challenge trying to manage cords and cables with an enclosed server rack, but with an open frame rack, cable management is much easier as you can run the cables without any obstacles from doors or panels.

CPI QuadraRack Four-Post Rack

1521XP_BOTH_RGB72.jpgThe QuadraRack® 4-Post Frame provides a sturdy, cost-effective solution for supporting large rack-mount communications equipment, such as routers and voice or network switches, in telecommunications and equipment rooms and other network facilities. 

The QuadraRack offers the strength and stability of an enclosure in an open mounting system that provides easy access to equipment and cabling. For more information on the QuadraRack Four-Post Rack be sure to read our data sheet.

CPI Cable Management Solutions

Our line of Cable Management Solutions are designed to manage and maintain the cables and cords that provide the critical support, reliability and flexibility needed to sustain and grow your network capabilities. 

Our solutions will help you:

  • Streamline the management of your cables and cords to optimize the signal quality and network speed of your information exchange.
  • Organize cables so that they can be easily traced from start to finish when performing moves, adds and changes, saving you valuable time and money.
  • Fulfill high-density cabling requirements while maintaining proper bend radius and slack management for maximum network performance.

For more information, be sure to check out our CPI Online Catalog and our cable management brochure.

CJ Castillo, Technology Writer

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